ValaTerrah© was born of passion to assist others in living a more balanced and sustainable life by utilizing holistic wellness techniques. We are a public support service that provides advocacy and education in evidence-based Complementary and Alternative Medicine modalities specifically for the integrated body, mind, and spirit.  We offer public support services, resources, consultations, and workshops.

Amanda Goldsmith

Amanda is an Advocate, Humanitarian, Interfaith Minister, and Public Notary.  She analyzes and communicates the integration of the body, mind, and spirit within the healthcare environment by encompassing several disciplines of study such as physical medicine, integrative and holistic wellness techniques, and functional nutrition.

Amanda has been studying Herbology and the origins of medicine and healing modalities for nearly 15 years. She has studied at Everglades University in Florida for her Bachelor of Science in Complementary and Alternative Medicine degree.  Amanda is an avid LGBTQ+ civil rights advocate, as well as an Ordained Interfaith Minister through the Universal Life Church, where the doctrine belief is that “We are One“. She is also a Bonded Notary Public for the State of Florida.

Her life’s mission is to help people in her community to take better care of themselves by implementing a healthy lifestyle through nutrition and exercise. She teaches the importance of healing through meta consciousness. In giving back to the community, Amanda is a volunteer victims’ advocate at the local victim services outreach center for domestic violence and sexual assault.

© ValaTerrah

Location Lakeland, FL area Phone 863-288-0682 Hours M-F: 11am-2pm, Sat.: 11am-5pm, Closed Sundays.
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