For Love to Rise, One Voice Must Sing.

Today is June 5, 2020. 

We are in the middle of an uprising as well as a pandemic, and it is National Gun Violence Awareness Day. 

How ironic. On multiple levels. 

I was washing dishes while listening to the radio when this song came on.

Tracy Chapman’s Bang Bang Bang

I started to cry at the pain that we are going through and how it has been written, sung, and talked about for too long.  

Just eight weeks ago, as we were in the middle of staying at home across the country to help keep numbers of Covid-19 infections down so that our healthcare teams could try to get a handle on this new virus, I celebrated my 20th anniversary of flatlining in the local ER trauma room after being shot. 

Since then, we have seen not only mass deaths on a national and global scale from the virus, but from violence. We have seen unemployment rates soar to levels not seen in nearly 90 years.  We have seen stress and tensions rise as everyone struggles to stay afloat. And we have seen the top 1% of this world racking it all in while humanity scrambles.  Now, we are in an uprising against the use of violence that is long overdue.

We as a global community are asking for the violence from the police and the world towards Black, Brown, Indigenous, and LGBTQ+ people to stop!

For the killing to stop.  For the hate to stop. 

For the use of power wielded by the hand of man, whether by civilians, police officers, armies, or heads of states, to stop. 

The blood that soaks this Earth and the rivers of tears that our Ancestral and current Mothers have cried for the loss of their children due to war and violence for those top government and corporate elites to have what they have, must stop.

Now is the time to rise. Now is the time for our voices and actions to sing in harmony as One.

We as humanity must rise and say no more. 

We must hold those who murder, no matter their position within our communities or those in office who order the violence and killings of All people on this Earth accountable.

We must stand against injustice.

To our family members in uniform, to the police, the sheriff, state, national, and military: You All need to find your moral integrity to not follow violent orders against your fellow brothers and sisters of this Earth anymore!

For Love to rise, One voice must sing. 

Blessings and Love to All,

Amanda Goldsmith

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