What is Intentional Healing?

What is Intentional Healing?  If we break it down, intention has two meanings.  The first being; mental determination or resolve upon some act or result. The second is a meaning used within medicine; the healing process of a wound.  Healing means; therapeutic process of making or becoming sound or healthy again. 

These two words go hand in hand, for what we think, we create.  We manifest what happens in our lives every day.  How we wake and view the world around us is a direct result of the focus of our thoughts.  Which in turn has been given our energy, our intentions.  This is not philosophy, this is science.  So then, why can we not use our thoughts, our energy, our intentions towards good use?  Intentional healing is not a new concept.  People have been using the power of intentional thought to aid in healing from diseases or injuries for far longer than most of us realize.  However, most of us are not taught about what it is and how we can harness and apply it to our daily lives. 

Our minds are a powerful muscle with a circuit board full of infinite possibilities.  The brain has over 100 billion Neurons that reach out to touch others, creating circuits of energy and communication.  Our brain tells our body what to do and our body communicates back to our brain the results, or if changes are still needed.  We should be using these circuits, these infinite possibilities to intentionally heal ourselves of the negativity, pessimism, and growing chronic degenerative diseases that society has been increasingly battling over the past few decades. 

The first step in using the power of intention to help heal ourselves or others, we must step away from only labeling what is “wrong” with the self.  When we tell someone that something is wrong, they get fixated on what is wrong instead of what is right within them.  When we go to the doctor with a complaint or issue, we are often told what is wrong with us but seldom what is right or in balance within our body or mind. While we can and must acknowledge that there is an imbalance that needs to be corrected, we must stop accepting the diagnosis as the absolute only result. 

For example, Ms. Jane goes to her doctor because foot is hurting her so bad that she is unable to walk well.  The doctor looks her over, asks her some questions about her symptoms, then tells her “You have Gout.”  Writes her a prescription and gives her advice on dietary lifestyle changes. Ms. Jane then goes home, diagnosed with only this negative energy of something being wrong with her body. Her family and friends ask her how she is, how the doctor’s visit went.  She shares with them what the doctor has told her.  Now, that negative energy circle has grown as more people view Ms. Jane as “Having Gout.”  When this happens, everyone is viewing Ms. Jane, including herself, with being in pain, not being able to function normally and that something is wrong.  With this type of self and community energy going around, the person may well have this “issue” for years, if not for the rest of her life, because that is all that is being focused on. 

As we are continuing to send our focus and energy to this negative label, it grows, worsens or just stays the same and never truly heals.  Ms. Jane may rely solely on the doctor to be responsible for maintaining her poor health with prescription drugs, leaving her to feel helpless and with no hope of change.  How does this help a person if everyone, including the individual herself, is viewing, speaking, and spreading the “wrong” message?  We need to alter how we see, speak, and feel of ourselves and others.  When we shift our consciousness from seeing and speaking of things into a constant view of healing, with a conscious effort on lifestyle choices and changes, we will achieve greater results. 

Instead of saying “You have ____.” Or “I have ____.”  We need to shift our way of speaking to “I’m doing well and healing.”  Or “She/he is doing well and healing.”  No continued spreading the negative focus.  Instead, focusing on healing and positive thoughts for ourselves and of others.  This will result in a much more positive outcome for any situation that we may encounter.  It is all about our focus and intention.  If we focus on being ill, sick, hurting, depressed, or any type of negativity, we will get exactly that because that is where our intentions are placed.  Even if that is not what we truly want for others or ourselves.  

The next time your doctor or you discover an issue that needs to be addressed, stop for a moment before you speak or think of continuing to use that specific label.  Do not claim that ailment.  Do not claim that habit.  Do not claim that illness/disease.  Instead, sit down with yourself, research what needs to be done to correct the imbalance and heal.  Think of nothing except healing positive energy flowing into you from the Universal source.  This infinite energy that is always available to us, always providing for our highest self.  Imagine being completely healthy, thriving, and glowing in all forms. 

With this shift of consciousness of taking our health and well-being into our own hands, becoming our own advocate, by disregarding any negative labeling, we now become responsible of maintaining a higher self-vibration.  Be mindful of your thoughts and intentions, as they are the seeds that you plant within your Highest Self.  From those plantings, you will harvest not what you may have wanted, but instead, where your intentions are placed.

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